In Australia, Remembrance Services for service men and women are associated with bugle calls. During the ANZAC Day Service, a lone bugler plays the Last Post, followed by a minute of silence for reflection. Often the silence is broken by the Rouse, the short bugle call that was used to call soldiers to their duties. The Last Post signifies the end of the activities for that day. It is also sounded at military funerals and Remembrance Services to indicate that the service person has gone to his/her final rest. More information can be found at The Australian War Memorial (



Young cadets from each of the military services speak about why they are involved with cadets and what they think they gain from this experience. These three young men are speaking under the World War 1 Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Launceston. These three brief interviews provide an opportunity to consider the role of service to one’s country in society today, and in the society that was there during the 1914 -1918 war and the consequences of this service.